Hydro Extractor


TUPESA enjoys a constant and specialized presence in the garments sector for many years. Our company realizes  the needs of the sector and we strive to provide the best  and quick solutions.
Our contact with factories has allowed us to determine the great deficiencies in the process of centrifuging and drying of garments in many factories. This scenario drove us to design and built of a new type of centrifuge, the HIDROEXTRACTOR – 120.
We developed a new water extraction system that provides great efficiency. This advanced technology ensures optimum benefits and considerable energy savings.  The machine is very robust, relatively silent and with an intelligent monitoring control of all functions. Minimum consumption is accomplished, with proper electronical and mechanical controls.
The powerful centrifugation of the HIDROEXTRACTOR -120 of factor G = 800, enables the machine to achieve energy savings for drying up to 400 Kcal./kg. of dry garments.
Automatic garment load and unload.
High efficiency work cycles.

CapacityKg 120 160
Drum Diametermm. 1.250 1.400
Drum Depthmm. 750 850
Drum Plate Thicknessmm. 4 4
Centrifuge Speedrpm 1.080  1.080 
G FactorG 800  850 
Motor PowerKw 36,4  44,7 
Motor PowerHp 50  60 
Work Cycle Timemin
WeightKg 8.200 10.200